Shoujo ai in games (37)

20 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2007-10-11 16:44 ID:hiTUD7ly


>>We're disappointed you don't know that the English language already has plenty of colorful words to describe 'girl's love'.

1)I couldn't care less about the words in english language, I am learning japanese now.
2)shoujo ai means something different and cannot be easily expressed in english words thats why i used that word.


>>You worded it poorly, then. "They don't have to actually be a couple", as well as giving such an example, suggests to me that you might easily have no real respect for or meaningful interest in the characters.

Obviously you cannot understand the purpose of this thread so stop trolling. I am a big FFVII fan and know much and care much about the Aeris and Tifa. I said that, to explain to people like you that when shoujo ai pairing, the two girls don't have to be a real couple in the game. Also when you pair two girls you have a reason to do that. It may seem to you like they just pair them because they are hot but each person sees the game characters in a different way, so he/she may think that those characters match together.

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