Can we really go to jail for manga with loli in it? (5)

1 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2011-11-28 22:23 ID:ZRpz3msm

Look at this! I know it's from 2009 but I'm just now hearing about it. Is this seriously a thing now? I don't even like loli manga or loli fanservice, in fact I dislike it. But this is really fucked up!

2 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2011-11-29 02:16 ID:L2ekrvMV

Yeah I heard about that...not cool.
=insert normal loli isn't bad arguments here=

3 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2011-12-13 09:13 ID:Heaven

Depends on which country you're in. In the USA, you are protected by the supreme court ruling Ashcroft vs. Free Speech Coalition (2002). In Britain and other oppressive regimes, it most definitely is illegal as will soon be all forms of hate speech including the use of the word "gypsy" even when referring to gypsies, nudity including bare ankles, insults to the monarch, using "they're" when you're supposed to use "their", "writing too loudly", and referring to autumn as "fall."

I do remember that in the past that manga often went out of its way to declare that a character was over 18 even when it was clear they weren't. What happens in these cases where a character declares herself to be 18 and then involves herself in adult situations? Do they have experts say that this DRAWN image depicts someone under 18?? This isn't just an assault on the freedom of speech but an assault on the defining line between fantasy and reality.

4 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2011-12-16 20:57 ID:Heaven

To add to >3's post. In the US, it can be used to increase your sentence if you're caught with CP, but otherwise the federales don't care.

Also never bring your laptop over say the Canadian border. The border patrol is allowed to make backups of your hard drive if they feel like it, so they can charge you with something in the future.

5 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2012-09-20 23:27 ID:Heaven


> you are protected by the supreme court ruling Ashcroft vs. Free Speech Coalition (2002)

That case led to the PROTECT Act, which enacted 18 USC § 1466A.

> cartoon
> drawing
> Nonrequired Element of Offense.— It is not a required element of any offense under this section that the minor depicted actually exist.
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