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Websense has always been around at my boyfriend's job but the latest round of blocked websites was the last straw, and he's looking for ways around it. He's tried going through Babelfish and a laundry list of proxies, no dice. Does anyone know of any proxies Websense hasn't caught yet or other ways to work around it?

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Did he try going through tor ( Also, he could try

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damn you! I'd 2GOT if spammers were welcome here.

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He got it to work via In case that hits the chopping block next, I'm not sure tor would work since he can't install on his work machine (unless you install it on a non-Websense'd compy? When looking around I saw a few links on going around it with something along those lines)

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torpark should work, as it doesn't require installing anything...

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Or he could just not fart around on the computers while he's on the job.

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Company proxies are stupid. If you can't trust your workforce to know not to dick around when a job needs to be done, then you need to find better workers.

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>>then you need to find better workers.

That is very easily said, but do you think it's actually possible to seek out and fill an entire company with such employees?

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Perhaps it would be easier to get rid of the stupid web proxies and start attracting people who are both skilled and tired of being treated like criminals by default by their employers.

11 Name: Ace : 2007-04-20 20:46 ID:Qtkl7J4X

you know...if you dont want websense to block all your sites, you just need to figure out how it works. You used to be able to use your command promt to "ping" the website that you wanted to view and then type in an ip address instead of a url....but they have modified websense into double checking what url goes to what ip, all you have to do is put the url into a language that websense cannot way is to "encrypt" your url code before you type it into your address bar...but there are also many websites out there that will automatically encrypt your url for you...almost like a proxy but is not blocked under "proxy avoidance"....remember, the names Ace for a good reason....

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Digg is generally pretty useful for finding new proxies. It gets spammed with a bunch (I assume there are ads on them, but I've adblocked them away) pretty much daily, and most are new.

It's also good to find ones that don't play by the filter's rules, like Kproxy, which has infinite subdomains, and flashprox, which isn't spiderable.

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21 Name: cold : 2010-08-24 22:33 ID:AASoXJDa

Check out my blog about how to get around restricted sites / Websense / public restrictions at

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Buy a cheap VPS (between $5 and $15 a month). Use it as Socks-proxy through SSH (configure Firefox accordingly).

You can also use it as web server, source code storage, everything!

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