[Twitter] [Parodies] What is your opinion on the Twitter Parodies? (8)

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I've recently discovered these Twitter parodies made by Join The Company:

Woofer - http://woofertime.com/ - You must have a minimum of 1,400 characters to post.

Squeaker - http://squeakertime.com/ - You mast have exactly 14 characters to post.

What do you think of these sites? Are they novelties, distractions, or some bizarre comment on Twitter itself?

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Twitter is a novelty distraction filled with bizarre comments.

This is... profound.

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When something becomes famous, it's bound to be 'parodied'. My opinion of twitter is that it's utter bullshit.

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I think it's hilarious. Probably a snipe at the media for loving twitter so much.

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I like the parodies.

Also twitter sucks. Only useable for a.. well, news proxy and/or feed collector. Something like this. Since normal talk is not possible.
You get most news pretty fast by this way. But for anything else it sucks.

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I'm not a big twitter fan... I Plurk ;D

8 Name: Look at me!vd7ztwYqlg : 2010-05-17 22:42 ID:UIVw0XYF

You type like a high schooler. "IT SUCKS"?

It's best used as news feeds, gimmicks, and for actually-important people to tweet about things relevant to their fans. Anyone who does anything otherwise is just some self-important mothersomething. Regardless, Twitter appeals to them.

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