The word filter on 4chan (8)

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I remember a few years back being automatically banned for posting something illegal to say ... don't remember what, I think "prove me wrong" which may still be autoban I haven't checked. In recent weeks it's been a bit kinder, it no longer auto bans you instead it says something like "Something in your post cannot be posted on this board" or something along those lines. I'm totally confused about what I said.

It was a totally innocuous post as far as I can tell which contained a link to youtube. I deleted the link and it still said something in the post couldn't be posted, I began deleting a few lines here and there until my original message was almost entirely gone. Still don't know what was being filtered.

So does anyone have a filter list for what words 4chan is auto blocking? It seems useful to know what words and phrases are falling under this category.

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4chan is garbage. Why would anyone even bother posting on it is beyond me.

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Try that eval thing

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I think I've gotten it for certain unicode characters.

I'm surprised that autoban filters aren't being used to get these spambots out. usually they all post the same URL anyway, with the same transparent "0 for o" crap.

5 Name: 404 - Name Not Found : 2010-07-25 23:32 ID:yskJXhVc

If I recall correctly, saying "butthurt" on /v/ would cause the ban screen to appear. But it doesn't ban you, this is made as a warning.

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Saying "butthurt" on /v/ gives you a warning yeah, no ban (I think, maybe if you post it 2 times). Anyway all the old word filters got removed from the server update on December in 2009.

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were you posting in /r9k/?

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Filthy non-sequitors.

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