GNAA Last Measure (9)

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Seeing as this might be a place where I could get a serious answer. What does all of these .nimp links do exactly? If you post one I will not follow like an idiot. Does it really crash your computer like most say? I've heard that it just opens a bunch of windows with some gay guy shouting random phases and the window bounces everywhere so you can't close it. Is this the case? Please answer me guys.

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Pretty much. It's loud and annoying and you're lucky if you can force quit. I had to do a forced restart last time I was tricked into clicking a link.

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Can't you just close the tab before the page loads?

Someone tricked me recently and once the words in the tab appeared.

I instantly closed the tab.

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A quick tip - if you're using Firefox, add "view-source:" to the start of unfamiliar URLs, so that you can look through the source for the page yourself before letting your browser render it.

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Now how about Opera and Chrome?

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This thread is stupid, it's harmless (to the extent of it doing no personal damage). Just open task manager and end the process to whatever browser you're using.

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You clearly have never been nimped before, brotato.

It's almost impossible to do anything one last measure pops up because your browser is constantly moving around and making more windows.

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Doesn't it crash your computer too?

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I clicked on a link on Chan Topsites and it lead to

But Opera couldn't open it.


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