Banned at a hotel (5)

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So, I'm staying at a hotel and apparently someone staying here in the last month got him or herself banned from 4chan. The guy didn't appeal the ban so I requested the ban be lifted because I had nothing to do with it and I'm just a guest at this hotel. It was refused. What am I supposed to do about this? It's not my fault some jerk at a public access point got themselves banned, I'm not even at fault. I'm just visiting family for some wedding going on this weekend but at night I'm pretty bored. Is there some way to appeal an appeal and convince them I'm some hapless dude at a hotel?

Also, for curiosity, can I learn why the original guy got banned? It said 'for breaking US law'. Like holy shit, what did this guy do?

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I'm sure he said something that was seen as a threat to national security, uploaded CP, etc. Could have been anything. Public networks are free game.

Anyway, you could use a proxy to surf 4chan if you're fine with not being able to post. Most public proxy hosts suck with Javascript and refuse to load CAPTCHAs.

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Lol who cares. Just go on 99/7/tohno/chan.
Or, you know. Channel4.
That does make me curious though. Maybe threatened bombing public places?

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You could just go without 4chan for a couple days.

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If you must visit 4chan (and I hope it's one of the [few] decent boards), you could try asking in #4chan at about it. Mods are ops and half-ops.

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