[OMEGLE] ITT post your omegle conversation (34)

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Lol great stuff FguIoo0h!

Connecting to server...
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: hi
Stranger: hwy
You: are you just looking for cybersex
You: ?
Stranger: no
You: since we'll never talk again or meet again ever
You: tell me a secret of yours
You: something you wouldn't want others to know about you
You: I'll tell you a secret of mine too
Stranger: shut the fuck up man
Stranger: go make real life friends
Stranger: and tell them to reveal their secrets
Stranger: jesus xD
Stranger: i dont care about your secrets
You: bluntly put you're not that bright
You: you're missing a fantastic chance
Stranger: oh what a pity
Stranger: i consider myself bright
You: socrates didn't
Stranger: but i bet you are brigher, you can measure my dumbness trough omegle! :'D
You: I'm just disappointed
Stranger: stfu dont act all wise
You: most people I get to talk to aren't very brightm
Stranger: well good for your ass
Stranger: i bet i am brighert
Stranger: brigher
Stranger: what is your iq then
You: 117
Stranger: hahahahahah
Stranger: HAHAHAH
Stranger: dumbassssssss.
Stranger: mine is 134
Stranger: i am almost a genius
Stranger: and you come and tell me that i am not bright xD
Stranger: hahahah 117
Stranger: bush is smarter
You: I don't know about bush
You: do you believe you are almost a genius?
Stranger: of course not
Stranger: geniousity begins with 140
You: Why not 150?
Stranger: einstein had 152
Stranger: and that is the highest ever
You: no it isn't
Stranger: people with an iq below 140 are very smart
You: william sidis had the highest iq
You: it was nearly 300
Stranger: well what was his iq then
Stranger: hhahahah
Stranger: yes
Stranger: xD
You: it is true
You: read wikipedia
Stranger: are you tthat william :D
Stranger: is that that dude that could write without touching the pen
You: that is not posible
Stranger: ive seen it on television
You: you shouldn't watch television
Stranger: if someone has the iq of 300
Stranger: they could move things without touching them
Stranger: that is a fact
You: no it is not
Stranger: you are just talking bullshit
Stranger: of course it is
Stranger: do you have any idea of
Stranger: how Much 300 is
You: you are wrong
Stranger: you are so dumb :'D
You: you get to move objects at 400 and more IQ
Stranger: how old are you
You: 300 you can only look through clothes
Stranger: hahah so the smartness is focused on eyes only?
Stranger: you are so stupid XD
Stranger: im leaving here you are irritating :'D
Stranger: iq of 117
Stranger: hahahahahahahhahaahahahah
Stranger: Moron
Stranger: i know retarded people with higher ones XD
Stranger: BYE DOUCHE
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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