[OMEGLE] ITT post your omegle conversation (34)

34 Name: 404 - Name Not Found : 2012-06-26 19:52 ID:Heaven

You: I can predict the opening
You: so simple
You: like a chinese paper craft
Stranger: Answer me this is important
You: oh I know what you are going to do
You: and it is 0/10
You: please get a job
You: and or real friends
Stranger: I'm not going to do anything..
You: little man
Stranger: I'm not trying to fuck you over man<3
You: yes, you heard me
You: you are very little
You: I don't even think you qualify as a man
You: no
Stranger: I'm trying to make a real friend here
You: little boy
You: little child
You: little bear
Stranger: no no no stopit :{
Stranger: you are hurting me feelings mate
You: Unsmiley face a shit
You: australia
You: must have some terrible bugs
You: the kind that type on computers
You: are you the twenty legged computer spider
Stranger: I'm nawt an ausssie
You: that I know so much about
You: yes
You: yes you are
Stranger: NO I'M NOT
You: hello
You: are you a triangle?
Stranger: No.
You: see
Stranger: I'm a square, remember.
You: then you are an aussie
You: a square aussie
You: spider

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